Croatia Beyond Game of Thrones

I didn’t want the Game of Thrones tour. I wanted a nuanced and unique tour. That is why I reached  out to Maja Gudelj, Director of Croatia Travel at Olive Tree Escapes, a luxury travel company that designs unique experiences tailored to individual needs and interests. “Mali Losinj and Vis are definitely two islands that have a lot to offer to American travelers, but are overlooked by many,” she said. “Istria is gaining in popularity, but Rabac on the eastern side has some of the most amazing beaches in the region and top notch hotels.” In a few seconds I had a few distinct and interesting locations to explore. Maja Gudelj added: “Sibenik, is also a Game of Thrones filming location, but not yet as popular as Dubrovnik.”  I can work with that too.

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Originally published in Cheese Traveler

Croatia Beyond Game of Thrones »

  • Published on 2017-07-30
  • Written by Epaminondas Dimitriadis