Olive Tree Escapes lists Croatia as top summer destination

As the Croatian coast is registering another record tourism summer, Olive Tree Escapes, a Chicago-based bespoke luxury travel company, unveils the most popular 2017 travel destinations in Croatia.

With its culture and tradition, fine and vibrant nightlife, pristine beaches, lavish nature and gourmet food and wine, Croatia has been the rising star of the travel scene for the past five years and its popularity doesn’t seem to stop. According to Total Croatia News, the first six months of 2017 brought 5.7 million tourists and 22.9 million overnight stays, this before peak season has started.

The most popular destinations for summer vacations based on bookings:

  1. Split, home of the famous Diocletian Palace, has seen a rise in popularity and bookings thanks to the HBO TV series Game of Thrones. The ancient palace built for the Emperor Diocletian in the fourth century AD, is one of Croatia’s filming locations of the fantasy series.
  2. Hvar, the renowned island located off the Dalmatian Coast, is the VIP hotspot of Croatian summers. Considered one of the best islands in Europe by the Huffington Post, Hvar has recently been listed as one of the world’s top ten islands by a survey reader of Travel + Leisure.
  3. Mali Losinj, a town on the Croatian island of Lošinj, in the northern Adriatic Sea, is slowly becoming popular because of its gorgeous turquoise waters and excellent 5-star hotels like Alhambra and Bellevue.

“As a Croatian I have always advocated for the beauty of this destination but thanks to the sensational press coverage that Croatia has been receiving in the past few years, travelers are more and more aware of what the country has to offer and come to me knowing what they want,” says Maja Gudelj, Senior Director of Croatia Travel at Olive Tree Escapes. “Split, Hvar, and Mali Losinj have seen more requests by our clients this season, and despite the popularity of these destinations, we aim to design unique and local experiences to discover the real essence of the country.”

Olive Tree Escapes is specialized in designing unique trips tailored to individual needs and interests: from exclusive properties to hand-picked boutique hotels; private cooking classes held by local chefs to fine wine tastings in the most suggestive landscapes across Italy and Croatia.

Olive Tree Escapes has brought together a team of experts with over 30 years of experience in the travel industry, specialized in designing customized upscale itineraries to Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro.

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Originally published in Hotelier International

Olive Tree Escapes lists Croatia as top summer destination »

  • Published on 2017-07-27