Olive Tree Escapes is Open For Business: T+L® A-List Travel Advisor, Beth Rubin Announces the Formation of Her Bespoke Travel Company

Rubin’s new business venture opened in Chicago this past March and focuses on Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro.

Chicago, IL – Beth Rubin, Travel + Leisure® A-List of Top Travel Advisor 2014 and 2015, is pleased to announce the opening of Olive Tree Escapes (https://otescapes.com), her own bespoke luxury travel company, dedicated to providing high-end travel experiences to Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro.

Beth Rubin started her career as custom trip planner in 2000, designing unique Italian itineraries loaded with first-hand tips after her return to the US from a study abroad experience in Cortona, Tuscany. After 17 years of success in the travel industry, Rubin’s passion led to the recent opening of her own company in Chicago, called Olive Tree Escapes. The company counts on a team of award-winning experts with over 30 years of experience in the travel industry, specializing in customized upscale itineraries in the Mediterranean.

Olive Tree Escapes boasts superior expertise, unique service and real support available for travel agents and clients alike:

  • Travel experts passionate about the destination with first-hand, local knowledge. The team is either native of the country, or has lived in the country for an extensive period of time.
  • Real support and peace of mind available before, during, and after the trip.
  • Concierge service: On-site support with English-speaking staff fluent in Italian and Croatian.
  • Personal Travel Consultant: Talk to the same expert throughout the whole process.

“Olive Tree Escapes is the realization of a lifelong dream. My team and I are excited to offer the travel industry our unmatched expertise in four destinations. We are welcoming the high season brilliantly, noticing lots of intergenerational travel, as well as a spike in visits to the countryside, be it Tuscany or some of the more off-the-beaten path destinations. An important part of the business is dedicated to B2B and we enjoy working with travel agents to make their clients’ dream trips come true. We offer our valued partners top commissions, monthly Webinars and FAM trip opportunities to both Italy and Croatia.”

To receive news about OTE’s upcoming FAM trips and Webinars dedicated to travel agents visit https://otescapes.us16.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=8d87ebf92a4670970bf56a81c&id=026ca94a38 to sign up.

For further information about Olive Tree Escapes custom trip planning service visit otescapes.com; or to schedule an interview with Beth Rubin, send an email to [email protected].