Olive Tree Escapes’ Webinar Series on Italy & Croatia to Air Its 12th Episode

The Chicago-based boutique travel company keeps its travel agent partners up-to-date with monthly live educationals.

CHICAGO, June 29, 2018  — Olive Tree Escapes (https://otescapes.com), a bespoke luxury tour operator specialized in Italy and Croatia travel, is proud to present on July 17, 2018 the 12th episode of its monthly Webinar series dedicated to travel agents.

The Webinar series was launched last August by Olive Tree Escapes President, Beth Rubin, as part of the company’s benefits for its travel agent partners. The educationals are presented by the team every month and include a live Q&A session at the end of each Webinar. The Webinars are free, exclusive for travel agents, and recordings are available for all the registrants.

“We have had almost 900 Webinar registrants since August 2018; we appreciate their commitment and time to attend the live presentation or listen to the recording,” says Beth Rubin, President of Olive Tree Escapes. “Creating an informative and fun presentation takes time, but we love to talk about our expertise; I’m proud of the hard work of my team.”

The Webinar series focuses on Italy and Croatia travel, as well as providing general tips for travel professionals. The topics discussed up until now have been:

  1. Italy in Fall & Winter: How to Design the Perfect FIT
  2. Croatia 101: Trendy Hot-Spots and Lesser-Known Destinations
  3. Rome as a Local
  4. How to Sell Spring Break in Italy
  5. Booking the Amalfi Coast and other highly sold out locations (and their alternatives).
  6. Sicily: An exciting and delicious destination for 2018
  7. Day Trips from Rome
  8. Croatia 101: Most Popular Destinations & How to Combine Them in a Perfect FIT
  9. Food & Wine in Italy: Book the Best Foodie Experiences for your Clients
  10. Discovering Puglia: Another Charming Destination for your Clients
  11. How to Plan a Small Group Trip and Marketing Tips for Various Groups

The 12th episode, “Thanksgiving in Italy,” will be presented on July 17, 2018 at 11am CST.

For more information regarding Olive Tree Escapes’ Webinar series, send an email to [email protected].

Travel agents interested in receiving Olive Tree Escapes’ monthly Webinar invitations can subscribe at this link.