Why Spring Break is the Perfect Time For Your Clients to Travel to Italy

Olive Tree Escapes shared key selling points on how to sell Spring Break in Italy during its last Webinar for travel agents.

CHICAGO – According to Federalberghi and the Italian Cultural Ministry, almost 50 million travelers spent the night at an Italian hotel during June, July, and August this year. With a 2% increase compared to 2016, the summer season remains the most popular time to visit Italy. Yet, Italy being a year-round destination, travel agents and their clients should get to know the advantages of visiting the Italian peninsula during the so called “off-season.” Olive Tree Escapes (https://otescapes.com/), a bespoke tour operator specialized in Italy and Croatia travel, shares key selling points on how to sell Spring break in Italy.

Olive Tree Escapes hosted a November Webinar dedicated to Spring travel to Italy and the many travel agents invited to the event learned that the mild weather and the shorter lines at major landmarks are only a few of the many advantages their clients can enjoy while traveling during this season.

“Spring break is indeed the perfect time to visit Italy. Travelers can enjoy the main cities – Rome, Florence, Venice – as well as alternative gems like Naples, Bologna and Turin during the Easter celebrations, free from the high-season crowds, with larger availability of luxury accommodation, perfectly mild temperatures and long hours of sunlight to explore.” says Michaelanne Chapel, Senior Sales Manager at Olive Tree Escapes, host of the Webinar. “We work with our travel agent partners to design unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences for their clients, and the Spring season just adds to the magic. What is better than a sunny Spring day to enjoy a day trip into the Tuscan countryside, taste authentic wines and olive oils and feel like a local? This is the right time to create that stand-out moment, where clients can look back and think – that was just perfect.”

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